Love Earth is where inspiration, innovation and extraordinary craftsmanship unite to create exceptionally beautiful lab created diamond jewelry.  


The Earth is ours to love and Love Earth is at the forefront of conscience and science.  We are socially and ecologically mindful using only the finest lab created diamonds which are responsible and environmentally conscious.  Love Earth meticulously sets the lab created diamonds in responsibly sourced precious metals.  

Lab Created Diamonds

Lab created diamonds are 100% real diamonds and are identical to mined diamonds - chemically, optically, and physically. Lab created diamonds have the same carbon crystal chemical structure as a mined diamond and are just as durable. 

The main difference between mined and lab created is how they are formed.  Mined diamonds took billions of years to grow and are excavated from the Earth while lab created diamonds are grown in a highly controlled laboratory in a matter of weeks or months.  Lab created diamonds possess the same mesmerizing properties of fire, scintillation, and sparkle as mined diamonds - at a fraction of the price. A lab created diamond is only discernible from a mined diamond by using highly specialized equipment. Learn more about lab created diamonds.


Love Earth jewelry is thoughtfully designed and manufactured to the highest standards by the most skilled artisans and veteran fine jewelry specialists who share a common passion for quality.  Love Earth Jewelry is crafted to last a lifetime and become an heirloom to pass on from generation to generation.


Love Earth seeks to inspire all of us to unite through jewelry in the spirit of sharing more love and kindness on Earth.  Love Earth Jewelry is a perfect gift or a treat for oneself – easy to wear and easy to buy!

Thank you for joining our movement to unite through jewelry in the spirit of love and kindness on Earth. Now and forever, together we can build a brighter future to 

Laugh more.

Celebrate more.

Shine more.

About our artisans

Through new technology - we are able to do the miraculous - we are now able to re-create the fire and light of the sun in our labs to grow these diamonds - layer by layer, crystal by crystal - and that sparkle more brilliantly than ever before