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What is a Love Earth lab-grown diamond? 

A Love Earth lab-grown diamond is a genuine diamond that is man-made in a lab. They are also called synthetic diamonds which is technically correct but confusing and misleading. In fact, the FTC has acknowledged that the term, synthetic diamond, is misleading and agreed that laboratory grown, cultured or laboratory created can be used to alleviate such confusion. Lab- grown diamonds, Love Earth diamonds, are in fact the real-deal sharing the same diamond crystal lattice structure as earth-mined diamonds. Advanced technology replicates the same conditions deep within the earths mantel.


What makes Love Earth lab-grown diamonds different than earth mined diamonds?

Love Earth diamonds origins are different. Here’s one way to think about it: some diamonds are mined from tundra's in Canada using hefty machinery. Other diamonds are mined from alluvial deposits in places like Africa using simpler tools and equipment. Then there are Love Earth diamonds that are grown in a lab. They are all diamonds produced under different conditions. In essence, you have a choice in how you purchase your diamond jewelry.


Are there different ways of making lab-grown diamonds?

Lab created diamonds can be made in two main ways. One method is high-pressure high-temperature (also known as the HPHT process). This is when engineers make something of a diamond/carbon soup and then using high heat and high pressure they are able to create single diamond crystals. The other way is via chemical vapor deposition (known as CVD). This process takes a tiny seed of a diamond crystal and then grows that diamond layer by layer in a chamber. Love Earth center stone diamonds are grown within the United States under a CVD patented process.


How Love Earth diamonds are produced.

A.   A disc containing 15-30 diamond seeds is placed in the plasma reactor grow chamber.

B.     A plasma ball of superheated gases is created in the chamber.

C.    Heat is increased to 900-1200* C

D.   Methane and hydrogen gases stick to the seed. The diamond forms carbon atom by carbon atom for 14-28 days.

E.     Highly trained technicians monitor the growth of the diamond removing it when the gem has reached its precise diamond qualities.

F.     The beautiful diamond undergoes precision cutting and polishing to maximize its beauty.