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Love Earth “An Inspired Choice” TM, welcomes our Independent Jewelry Retail community. Why Love Earth? The answer can be found in our name as we were founded on the same principles that drive many of our life decisions, love and inspiration. Love Earth Jewelry branded designs embrace the fundamental and inevitable truth that lab-grown diamonds represent to an empowered world. Love Earth is a social and ecological mindful designer, manufacturer and supplier of lab-grown bridal rings, bands, solitaires and fashion jewelry using the finest CVD process patented lab-grown centers and lab-grown melee in the world. Love Earths distinctive iconic motif will be instantly recognizable to the discriminating individual while a full inventory of lab-grown centers and melee are also available to complement our custom design services and our retail partner’s individual requests. We support our exclusive retail clients with sophisticated digital campaigns, all branding materials, collateral support and on-site & on-line training. To learn more, reach out to Love Earth using the form below. Today there is a choice and we want to help you make it “An Inspired Choice TM. Love Earth

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