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Custom Jewelry Design

Ready to start designing? We have the latest state-of-the-art design technology software such as Matrix, Rhino, CounterSketch Studio, and a 3D printer that can make your design come to life before it is actually made. They are conveniently located in a design bar, displayed on multiple screens in our showroom. The only limit is your imagination.

Do you have further questions? Are you ready to discuss a MASTERPIECE? We are excited to share this wonderful journey with you. Simply Contact us.


Love Earth Jewelry Master Jeweler will work with our customers’ jewelry sketches, drafts or photos and will provide them with unique jewelry designs making them a custom personalized jewelry and a very unique piece just for you. If you don’t have an exact idea of what you want, Love Earth Jewelry can offer you the latest jewelry sketches. The final jewelry drawing will be the result of the collaborative work between you and our creative jewelry CAD designers.  The design process starts with initial jewelry sketches. The drawings will be presented to you for review and approval. Our Master Jeweler will take into account all the techniques of drawing jewelry sketches and combine with jewelry modeling requirements. This includes the 3D model proportions, scales, comfort, gemstones, and other important details to get the ideal jewelry sketch for further 3D modeling process. The jewelry designers will make changes and improvements until we get what you want. We will finalize and refine the design by adjusting proportions, stones, color, etc. Mounting of the stone, the heft, textures, dimensions should be a part of jewelry sketches. After approving the draft concept, we may start the CAD process – turning jewelry sketches into a 3D model. Sketching process is an important part of jewelry modeling and is an effective way for visual and verbal communication.


The 3D jewelry CAD design enables time savings and considerable cost savings in the 3D modeling of the jewelry. Love Earth Jewelry offers you professional services for creating jewelry 3D models, making it possible to be printed as real jewelry. Our role is to provide to our customers a comprehensive A to Z Service of 3D prototyping. If you have any questions, you can always consult with our Master Jeweler.

Jewelry Rendering

At Love Earth Jewelry, we provide high quality jewelry rendering services, including 3D photo rendering to our customers. Photo-realistic jewelry rendering is perfect for our customers to determine if this is the piece of jewelry that they wanted and dreamed of. The best thing is that our rich designs can help our customers decide about the piece before manufacturing it. Due to the professional use of CAD software and rich experience in jewelry design, our team of experts will provide our customer with the 3D jewelry rendering which will enable them to visualize the 3D model from various views. The appearance of 3D photo renders objective is to suit our customers’ needs and requisites.

Moreover, having a detailed 360 degree rendering enables our customers to visualize their model with photo-realistic precision before starting the production process. The model can be viewed from all angles and will allow a full review option.