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IGI 4C's

Contemporary jewelers consider supplying such information an integral part of any sale and modern retail training programs stress the importance of providing independent gemological reports for gems and jewelry in addition to educating the consumer.

All this has led to an increase in demand for reliable grading and/or appraisal reports from IGI. Thousands of jewelers, retail stores, insurance companies, Internet sales organizations, catalogue companies (mail order), accounting and securities firms and consumers alike rely on IGI reports. IGI draws upon its expert staff of over 450 including graduate gemologists, accredited appraisers and professional office personnel, all dedicated to a standard of excellence second to none. With an ever-increasing client base, IGI's reputation as an industry leader is unparalleled.

Besides exceptional stones, a gem has no name, no history. It's a gem! The final user doesn't know where the stone was found, who extracted it, who polished it or the name of the gem dealer. The only document that travels around the world with the gem is the gemological report. The IGI report is "The Passport for your gems and jewelry!"